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Comcast Business VoiceEdge Review

After attending a few of Comcast’s Business VoiceEdge Demos I would (almost) consider myself an expert on their product. With so many different hosted options on the market, I wanted to share with you my personal experience with Comcast BVE.

When it comes to a hosted solution, it’s easy to see why Comcast Business Voice Edge is a “big player”.  BVE is a great option for any company small or large who is looking to unify their communications. With everything maintained in the cloud, there is no need to monitor your own system.

Below is a list of features that stood out to me over any other hosted solution:

  1. Free phones- Yes, I said that correct. Comcast gives you your phones at no cost.
  2. Continuity- With so much redundancy, it’s almost impossible to miss a call even in the event of an emergency.
  3. Quality of Service- Comcast offers full Quality of Service over their own personal network, and they include the broadband connectivity.
  4. Voicemail-to-email integration: This means your voicemails will be received in your inbox.
  5. Mobile Application- This application makes it easy to receive and make calls when you are out of the office.  In addition, when you make and receive calls your office number will appear.
  6. Training- Comcast provides you with a training program that can be completed online or in person- whatever is easiest for you. Not to mention all the training literature and videos that are at your disposal.

One of the most surprising facts that stood out to me was that Comcast BVE was first launched in 2012 and has become the largest North American provider in terms of hosted VoIP seats.  With so many practical features and success, it’s clear to see why they are an excellent choice when it comes to BVE.

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Reasons to Upgrade your Plain Old Telphone Lines to SIP Trunks

Have you ever heard of SIP Trunking?  That’s ok, not many people have despite being on the market since the 1990’s. SIP trunking or “Session Initiation Protocol” trunking provides the same services you get from your traditional analog phone line except it is run over the internet.

SIP Trunking has been around for many years and is becoming increasingly popular in the telecommunications industry. With so many benefits it is easy to see why. Below are some reasons that should help you make your decision!

1. Save Money

Who doesn’t want to get a brand new phone system AND save money in the process? Well, with SIP Trunking you can reduce your monthly expense by 50%. Voice over IP is a solution that runs over the internet connection, instead of your plain old telephone lines.  So, what does that mean?  No more bills for your phone lines! How nice would it be to have all of your bills consolidated? All you need is a broadband connection to receive your trunking service, long distance, and calling plans all at one cost.

2. Disaster Recovery

With SIP Trunking comes redundancy! To ensure that your phone calls do not get dropped, more than just on-site redundancies are necessary. This means that if one switch fails there in another ready to take over.  With SIP Trunking calls can fail over to additional sites that have a PBX or calls can fail over to a cellphone, answering service or an auto attendant.

3. Scalability and Flexibility

So you have high call volume and are looking to add another telephone line? No problem. With SIP Trunking all you need is bandwidth.  So go ahead and BYOB (bring your own bandwidth).

Liberty’s SIP Trunking Service is here to maximize your businesses productivity and reduce your current costs that are associated with communications. Give us a call today for your free quote at 856-762-1222.

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