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The VoIP Series Part 3: How It Works

We’ve mentioned VoIP before – we have talked about cost-effectiveness and disaster readiness. Today, we’re going to give a short read on how this system works.

Basic phones are analog systems. Analog requires that the circuit be open the entire duration of a call. This means a call on an analog requires a constant direct connection between New York City to Los Angeles. You end up paying an extraordinary invoice because of that direct line.

VoIP is built on packet-switching. This means it is digital and not analog. Thousands of digitized voices can be compacted all at once into a single fiber optic cable. This compression reduces any latency, or lag as it is commonly referred to as.

The computers routing the calls take care of the heavy lifting. The Internet infrastructure treats the call as it would an email. They re-route continuously until the call reaches its destination.

Our friends over at has the full details on how this amazing service operates.

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The VoIP Series Part 2: Disaster Readiness

As we’ve mentioned before, VoIP is cheap. There’s also a constant redundancy.


It’s bad enough when there’s a power outage in your area. If you were one of the unfortunate caught in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, your landlines and your cell phones were inoperable. The electrical grid is incredibly strained as it tries to supply the demand.


With a VoIP provider, your calls are re-routed through broadband cables. The cables are underground. Short of a disastrous earthquake, the cables remain unharmed.


Additionally, there are apps that integrate with any wi-fi compatible device. As wi-fi compatibility becomes standardized, from little girl at the lemonade stand down the street to the executives of global conglomerates, everyone can make and receive calls.


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The VoIP Series Part 1: Your Money, Your Value

You might be thinking, “Why go with VoIP?” (Voice Over Internet Protocol).


For starters, it’s cheaper. Now you might be thinking, this is a classic case of caveat emptor and “you get what you pay for.” It turns out VoIP is both cheap and reliable. As we see with Skype, it’s great for chatting with friends and family – even if they’re on the other coast. If they’re across an ocean, it’s still cheaper than calling long distance.


As basic telephone networks provide the ability to make and receive calls, VoIP offers more features for free. Videoconferencing works regardless of the platform. A smartphone can make a videocall to a desktop and vice versa.


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